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My Life In The Algarve

Welcome to Algarve Gay Guide! We are so happy you're here. This is where we share stories, tips and advice to help make it easier and more fun to move to the Algarve and live here. Life’s not always perfect, but it’s important to stop and enjoy those little moments. Join us on our journey.

Paul, Pasi and Spirit 2018 Oct Alvor by Gerty.jpg

Pasi and Paul

Paul talks about his life is Algarve;

24th June 2016 is a date that will always be a memorable one for me. Early that morning I turned on the BBC news to hear the final results on the UK Brexit vote. I sat there opened mouthed and feeling a mixture of betrayal and sadness. I happened to be here in the Algarve during the week of the referendum, and after the shocking news I went straight to the town hall to register for a fiscal number... Read more...


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I spent a few years in Maine before moving to Faro in April 2018. I had not planned on retiring and possibly leaving the States until after 2025; however, the election of Donald Trump and some other concerns about the U.S. led....



Cati Gomes lives in Albufeira with her wife Raquel and their few months old baby, Noé.   AGG: You grew up around Albufeira here in the Algarve, how is life for you here?   CG: My wife Raquel and I really appreciate our privacy and there's no better country than Portugal to get that. And yes, we both grew up here and don't plan to go anywhere else. There is a saying in Portuguese, "My freedom begins, where your freedom ends",


What made you decide to move from your home country to the Algarve?

The most clichéd reason of all: I fell in love. At the time, I was publishing Star Trek: Voyager fan fiction to my website, and I received an email from an intriguing reader in Portugal that very politely began,

Picnic in Nature

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